Holiday plans taking you out of town this summer? Talk to us about boarding your pets!

The boarding facilities at Hollywood Pet Hospital are cozy (like a bed-and- breakfast). We don’t have room to book numerous guests, but the accommodations are clean and healthful. What’s more, everybody on our staff genuinely cares about the comfort, welfare, and happiness of your pet.

Consider boarding your dog with us while you are away. Consider boarding your cat with us while you are away.

Requirements for Boarding at Hollywood Pet Hospital

Boarders are required to be current on vaccinations:

  • Cats must have been vaccinated for HCP and Rabies
  • Dogs need to be vaccinated for DAP, Bordetella and Rabies.

If you want to leave your pet with us, please plan to make a reservation in advance. Call us at (503) 234-9229 or email Hollywood Pet Hospital