Our Doctors and Staff

At Hollywood Pet Hospital, we understand the close connection between people and their pets, and all of us are dedicated to combining medical and surgical expertise with a warm and caring atmosphere in a haven for healing.

Continuing education is an important part of maintaining our hospital’s high standards. All doctors and staff members attend annual seminars to stay current on advances in veterinary medicine and to improve patient care and client service.

Our Doctors

Robert Ward, DVM

Dr. Robert Ward

Dr. Robert Ward

Dr. Robert Ward was born in northwest Montana and grew up on a farm. His first dream was to become a physician, but at age 12, his love of animals and interest in 4-H drew him to veterinary medicine.

He attended Northern Montana College, and graduated from Montana State University with a degree in microbiology. While in school, he also worked in lumber mills, a cheese plant, veterinary hospitals, and his uncle’s cattle ranch. Dr. Ward earned his DVM at Washington State University in 1978, and after an internship in Simi Valley, California, worked at Fremont Veterinary Clinic in Portland Oregon.

Dr. Robert Ward

Dr. Robert Ward

In 1980, he partnered with Dr. Sams and purchased Hollywood Pet Hospital (then called Sandy Blvd. Veterinary Clinic) from Dr. Jack Hardesty. Dr. Ward served as president of the Portland Veterinary Medical Association in 1987-1988.

Dr. Ward limits his practice to dogs and cats, and acts as business manager for the hospital.



Dr. Lambert and Buttercup

Dr. Lambert and Buttercup

Dr. Robert Lambert, DVM

Dr. Lambert’s parents grew up in Parkrose then moved to California. He attended UC Davis for undergraduate and veterinary school. When he graduated from veterinary school in 1994, he then interned at the California Animal Hospital in Los Angeles. He eventually ended up working in Santa Barbara, where he met his future wife. After his wife went through medical school and residency training, they decided to move to Portland in 2006.

Dr. Lambert’s family consists of his wife, two children, yellow lab puppy Buttercup, and Minty their grumpy cat.




Our Super Support Staff

Cyndi West, Hospital Manager

Cyndi West


Hospital Manager: Cyndi West

Cyndi was born and raised in inner Portland and joined the staff at Hollywood Pet Hospital in 1997. She started as a receptionist who also assisted with animal care.

In April 2005, she was promoted to Hospital Manager. She and her husband Shawn, have raised their 2 children and now are blessed with 3 amazing grandkids, that they love spending time with.
As often as possible they love to take their dogs camping and fishing or just being on the river….





Amber Bice, Receptionist

Amber Bice


Receptionist: Amber Bice

Amber is a life-long Oregonian hailing from Gladstone. Having resided in Oregon all her life, she is an avid enthusiast for all it has to offer. Her family home can be referred to as zoo, so she is no stranger to being surrounded by animals.

Family is a very important part of Amber’s life and animals are a huge part of the group. There isn’t a single minute of Amber’s life where a pet hasn’t played a significant role. Having yet to add a pet to her own household, Amber is actively searching for her own furry friend. Some of Amber’s favorite activities include: visiting the beach,hiking, reading, writing and hanging out with friends and family.



Shawna Nichols

Shawna Nichols


Receptionist:  Shawna Nichols

Shawna was born and raised in Oregon. She has been surrounded by animals since birth. Growing up, her family always had pets, including the wild animals her dad would bring home to nurse back to health.

Shawna loves working with and around animals. She could never see herself doing anything else. In her spare time, Shawna can most often be found hiking in the forests and mountains of the Pacific Northwest with her rescue dog Willow.

She also loves spending time with her fiance, her other rescue dog Deano, and her cats Conner and Hyphy.



Magena Kelly, Veterinary Technician

Magena Kelly

Certified Veterinary Technician: Magena Kelly

Magena was born and raised in Port Townsend, WA, and move to Portland in 2004 to attend art school. Two years ago she made the decision to enter the field of veterinary medicine and has not looked back. Magena lives in Northeast Portland with her cats, Pepper and Tron.

She also has a Chihuahua named Chuck. In her free time she enjoys fishing, biking, hiking and volunteering at the Pixie Project.