• Toxic Algae: Hazard for Dogs

    Toxic algae poisoning, also known as cyanobacterial poisoning, is an acute, sometimes fatal, condition caused by the ingestion of water containing hig...
  • Dogs playing on the lawn

    Outdoor Hazards for Pets

    The arrival of warmer weather means more time outside for you and your pets. But even in your own back yard, there are some potential hazards that cou...
  • The Hollywood Pet Hospital


    You’ll find us at 3565 NE Sandy Blvd in the Hollywood District of Northeast Portland. Hollywood Pet Hospital is easily accessible from either th...
  • Dog ready to have teeth cleaned

    Home Dental Care for Pets

    Veterinarians recommend that most pets receive a professional veterinary dental cleaning every year. And, just as we brush our teeth every day in betw...
  • marijuana leaf

    Marijuana and Pets

    Cases of marijuana poisoning in pets, and specifically in dogs, increased dramatically in states such as Washington and Colorado after recreational us...


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